When it comes to the lore of any work of fantasy, there is often a lack of information regarding the economy of the world in question. The Zelda franchise is prone to this as well. In particular, players of Breath of the Wild may have pondered why items are so much more expensive than in past titles. The fine theorist folks over at  Chamber of Sages, on YouTube, have made an analysis video on the subject. The theory gives an explanation of real-world economics and postulates that Rupees have a value based on rarity, since they are seemingly a type of gemstone. The logical argument is that a Blue Rupee is five times as rare as a Green Rupee, and so forth based on the individual denominations. The high costs are explained as inflation.

I’m not too confident in my economic knowledge, and even with the information provided, I can’t make an informed decision on its validity. I will say I think the high prices are due to the world itself. Hyrule is in ruins and the people are hounded by monsters at almost any time. Money is harder to come by as the common man or woman isn’t usually willing to brave the outside world to make a few quick Rupees.

What do you think of the theory? Let us know down below!

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