One of the best things about loving music from the Zelda series is that there’s never a shortage of new and amazing covers of the classic themes. Whether it’s a new metal version of the Goron City theme or a jaw-dropping, epic medley of songs from Majora’s Mask, fans can always expect to find something that will move them in ways that only music can. The folks that contribute over at OverClocked ReMix are no exception to this either, and recently a new song went up that mixed the Legend of Zelda theme with “Zelda’s Lullaby,” and it delivers in every way imaginable.

Remixed by users LindseyAnne Pepper and Medllix, this piece is incredibly moving. It starts out with a very soft and innocent version of “Zelda’s Lullaby” that swells into the game’s iconic theme music. From then on, it’s an adventure across the land of Hyrule, evocative of a journey completed and peace resting on the land once and for all. The entire song is very subdued, even at the peaks of the music it remains very soothing.

It’s hard not to let my imagination be swept away when hearing any Zelda song in a new way for the first time, but this one especially took me to another place and time. It gave me images of Link leaving the Temple of Time at the end of Ocarina of Time to go and see Princess Zelda. As the song ended, I could see he and Zelda standing there as the screen fades to that sepia tone end screen.

What did you think of the song? Were you mentally transported to a point in Hyrule’s history? Let us know what you think of this cover in the comments below!

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