The people of Skyloft weren’t always there. And in fact, the opening cutscenes of Skyward Sword make it clear that there were people living on the surface before Hylia took to the sky. However, they are never mentioned again. They seemed lost to time and possibly died out for good as Demise’s demon hordes began to sweep the land. However, there are signs of them on the Surface still if one knows where to look, as Zelda Theorist and YouTuber Macintyre has decided to tackle as the topic in a recent theory video.

Macintyre posits the Beetle as an example of trade, and ancient murals within the dungeons as evidence. The Beetle being found so far from its origin point strongly hints that trade was present among the early surface dwellers. The robot who upgrades the Beetle makes a point that it’s of Lanayru manufacture, and someone had to build these robots. Overall this is a pretty solid line of logic.

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