Hobbies and creating works of art take a lot of time, and definitely a heavy amount of discipline. Anybody who has the patience to set up thousands and thousands of dominoes without toppling them over either by accident or, in my case, a lack of self control to finish the actual project, already deserves a round of applause. YouTube user TheDominoKing warrants that and more thanks to this amazing tribute of 67,507 dominoes to one of the Zelda franchise’s most popular games, Majora’s Mask.

Early last month TheDominoKing created a Wind Waker domino landscape inspired by PeanutButterGamer‘s Zelda Month, and decided that before November was over, they wanted to contribute one more project to the occasion. The creator states that this video took them over three weeks to create and a total of 67,507 dominoes. The whole setup is brilliant, and it’s actually quite mesmerizing to watch.

There are plenty of other domino creations on the TheDominoKing’s channel, including more video games franchises and even a featured Pokémon of the month series. Which field in this video is your favorite? Personally, I like the final set with the Skull Kid, as it looks the most complicated to create. If TheDominoKing were to ever create another Zelda piece, what game would you like to see? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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