When Breath of the Wild first came out, many fans and players had mixed feelings about the game’s music. Some fans missed the heroic themes that were present in other Zelda games and thought the game was too quiet. However, there were some Zelda fans much like Game Score Fanfare and myself that actually enjoyed and fell in love with Breath of the Wild’s soundtrack. In his video, Game Score Fanfare defends his take on the game’s soundtrack, the emotional reasons behind the soundtrack, and how well the music combines itself with the plot, the characters, and setting for the new game.

Game Score Fanfare starts off his video by stating his love for Breath of the Wild‘s music. He goes on to say that while other games like Ocarina of Time and A Link to the Past were heroic, and other Zelda games like Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess were light and airy, or dark and dreadful, each game’s soundtrack tied in well with their respective game.  He then mentions that the new Zelda game was much different than its predecessors, in the sense that Ganon won the battle and the Hyrule Kingdom fell to despair.

The music of the soundtrack, he says, merges with the fallen kingdom by sounding broken itself. This is evident in the Temple of the Time at the beginning of the game, as the theme for this location is an elongated version of the original song. Other locations throughout Hryule sound similar and are filled with both music and silence, which Game Score says is a function in Breath of the Wild.

The quiet and gentle ambiance of the game’s soundtrack prevents the game from getting to repetitive and actually adds to the adventure. When players begin a fight with a Divine Beast or encounter a Guardian, the loud and epic music fills the players with adventure and heroism as they fight to take back Hyrule from evil. He mentions that the slow and fading music players hear when travelling to a new area, actually guides them to the place, and the calm music can help players relax before heading off to save the world.

Finally, Game Score says that the overall feeling of the game’s soundtrack results in the protagonist’s burden. Both Link and Princess Zelda had a duty that they had to fulfill to their kingdom, and with the fall of Hyrule and Ganon’s victory, both hero and princess possibly blamed themselves respectively for the defeat of their kingdom. With that, Game Score says that the quiet and emotional soundtrack is about Link and Princess Zelda redeeming themselves from the burden they carry, as they shed hope onto the people and kingdom of Hyrule.

Be sure to check out the video above for Game Score’s thoughts and details on the matter.

What did you think of the video? Did you enjoy Breath of the Wild‘s soundtrack? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!

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