UntitledHopefully this week’s Collection Spotlight proves that the size of a collection is not what makes a collection impressive. A collection is not measured by how many books and games someone has. 14 year old Seth is a shining example of a passionate and driven collector. While his collection might appear small to some, it still retains every bit of individualism and uniqueness which marks it as a very impressive horde.

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My name is Seth, and I am a 14-year-old from California. The first Zelda game I played was Phantom Hourglass when I was only eight years old. I was not that into Zelda at the time because I saw it as just another insignificant game. That view quickly changed after I got Twilight Princess. I loved Twilight Princess so much that I was fueled with the desire to play every single game in the Zelda series.

I started collecting when I was 10. I got a Club Nintendo account and used my coins to get some Zelda posters. Once that began, I tried to get my hands on anything Zelda related. One of my proudest finds was an A Link to the Past game cartridge that I found at a garage sale for only 50 cents!

This is all I have now, but I am FAR from fulfilling my collecting goals.



  • A Link to the Past
  • Twilight Princess
  • Ocarina of Time 3D
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Spirit Tracks
  • Skyward Sword Special Edition (Gold Wii Remote)
  • The Wind Waker HD Special Edition (Ganondorf Figure)
  • A Link Between Worlds (Not Pictured)


  • Hyrule Historia
  • Legend of Zelda Prima Strategy Guide Treasure Box Set



  • Nintendo 3DS XL A Link Between Worlds Special Edition
  • Club Nintendo The Wind Waker HD Posters (Not Pictured)
  • Ocarina
  • Zelda themed Playing Cards


  • Triforce made out of LEGOs
  • Link hat made by my sister

Favorite Item:
My favorite item would have to be my Ocarina. I got it for my 11th birthday and could play all my favorite Zelda songs within a week. One night during a family camping trip later on that year, I took out my Ocarina as we were eating s’mores. As I played, the music echoed off of the hills and the sounds gave everyone goosebumps. It was truly one of the most memorable moments I have relating to Zelda.

Future Additions:
I someday hope to make my own Master Sword. I have been obsessed with blacksmithing ever since I finished Phantom Hourglass.

Weekly Collection Selection:
As you can tell from the first Collection Spotlight, I am a pretty avid Zelda collector. This is a result of constantly scouring eBay and other sites to seek out the next additions to my collection.

I started the Collection Spotlight for Zelda enthusiasts who wanted to show off their passion and love for Zelda through the things they collect. I want to extend that community by sharing a web link or two which may help collectors, whether they are greenhorns or veterans, grow their collections.

Inspired by Seth’s desire to one day own a replica Master Sword, this week I am featuring a “Dark Link” inspired Master Sword. Collecting for me started getting serious when my own Master Sword arrived in the mail. This is just one of many swords available, but I just included this unique sword to act as a jumping off point for further searching. Some may like the Dark Link sword, while others want the traditional blue. Others may desire the two swords with the shield, while others are captivated by Demise’s sword (yes, that exists).

The sword is complete with the Triforce seal engraved on both sides. The guard is made of hard durable plastic with wing-like extensions. There is also a red gem decorated with gold finish at the center of the guard. From the guard, the handle features strong hard plastic with crossover grip. This item also comes with a beautiful wooden plaque to hang the Twilight Princess-esque Master Sword. Untitled

In closing I ask, would you like to see your collection spotlighted on the website? Do you want to share how you got into Zelda and show off the items you are proud of owning?

Send me an email at [email protected] Include some pictures, a little background of who you are, how you got into Zelda, your first Zelda game, a listing of the items you have now, what you hope to own in the future, and your favorite item.

Please do not be frightened or discouraged when you see these showcases. I’m receiving emails from collectors who are hesitant to have their collections featured even though they are quite good.

Also feel free to comment on whatever you like. A personal favorite of mine was Seth’s LEGO Triforce, how about you? What type of items would you like to see in the Collection Selection? List it below and I will attempt to find it for sale!

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