David Stonecipher, an article writer at Examiner.com, lists the top four franchises he wishes would have co-op. Chiming in at #4, the Legend of Zelda series makes the cut.

Of course, we’ve already seen this in the Zelda series with not just Four Swords, but its sequel, Four Swords Adventures.

Granted, he is asking for one that doesn’t require all those cords and

GBA’s, but still. It’s a fun concept, but I don’t see anything like

this taking off with the genre Zelda is in. As it stands, Zelda

is best enjoyed when your by yourself in your dorm room, at home, or

have nothing better to do. It’s not really meant for a social

interacting. Unfortunately, it’s just the way the world turns.

P.S. I am extremely tired. What the hell am I doing posting this at 3am. /endrant

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