Ocarina of Time 3D Cover

If you’re a member of Club Nintendo in the US, and are keen like me to get as many club Nintendo coins as you possibly can, then listen up. Through a feature of the Club Nintendo site called “Intend to Buy”, you can earn yourself more coins for Ocarina of Time 3D by completing a short survey.

As the site says, “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D launches 6/19! Tell us you intend-to-buy before 6/12/11 to receive extra Coins when you register it!” Read on for the full details.

As a member of Club Nintendo, you may participate in the Intend to Buy incentive. Log in to your Club Nintendo account, and 4 weeks before a game launches, the option to register your intent to buy the game will appear here. Let us know you plan to buy the game, and take a short survey. Then, when the game launches, buy it, register it, and complete the registration survey and you’ll earn 10 extra Coins!

Remember, you must indicate your intent to buy within the Intend to Buy date range listed for each game to be eligible for the extra Coins.

Source: Club Nintendo [via GoNintendo]

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