You might have noticed that for the past few days, the Golden Nunchuck accessory from Club Nintendo has been sold out. Fortunately, Nintendo has come forward confirming that it will be making a return in the future. We just have no idea when. After seeing the golden Wii Remote that was bundled in a special edition of Skyward Sword, many fans were upset that there was no golden Nunchuck controller to compliment that. A little while after, we saw a fan-painted golden Nunchuck. Make the jump for more Golden Nunchuck information.

A few days back, Nintendo said that “Due to popular demand, the Gold Nunchuk sold out quicker than anticipated! We’re hoping to make this golden gem available again. Please check back soon for more details.”

Are you excited for the Nunchuck to come back? I wasn’t able to get mine, but did you get yours? Do you plan to get one once they come back? Let us know below!

This post will be later updated when the Golden Nunchuck becomes available.

Source: GoNintendo

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