Update: The Majora’s Mask Messenger Bag appears to be sold out.

As most Club Nintendo fans know, the long-standing customer loyalty and rewards program is on its way out this summer, making the way for a new one that will debut later this year. As part of the closure of the program, Nintendo added tons of downloadable games, and a sizable number of physical rewards, including a jigsaw puzzle featuring Fierce Deity Link and the Moon Children, a Majora’s Mask Messenger bag, and a Legend of Zelda themed 3DS XL carrying case.

As was the norm with physical rewards, most of these were rather pricey, but with the end of the program in sight, Nintendo has seen fit to reduce their costs – or even cut them in half, in the case of the 3DS XL pouch and the jigsaw puzzle. While there’s no way to earn more coins at this point, this price reduction should help those who still have coins left over to find a suitable way to use their remaining coins before Club Nintendo comes to a close on June 30th.

At the time of this writing, all the above rewards are still in stock, and the Club Nintendo website does not appear to be experiencing heavy traffic of any sort, so make sure to order your rewards while they’re still around! And in case you need a reminder, images of each of the Zelda items are included in the gallery below. Will any of you be taking advantage of the price reductions? Which item will you be getting? Share with us below.

Source: Club Nintendo

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