A sweet looking commercial that features both the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. The 3d model that is used for Link just looks awesome and it resembles the artwork that was use for the game. Now, a 3d Zelda title with that type of look? You can’t possibly think this wouldn’t be sweet. You can check out several more commercials in our Zelda Commercials section.

This commercial is the kick-off of a complete revamp of the Oracle of Ages section of the site. In the past year or so, we’ve revamped the Oracle of Ages Enemies and the Oracle of Ages Trading Sequence. However, just a few days back, we worked on the Oracle of Ages Storyline and that is now available for your viewing pleasure. We are working on a few of the small guides for the game, in preparation for working on a brand new Oracle of Ages Walkthrough.

Oracle of Ages has been a favorite Zelda game of mine for quite some time, and I’ve really wanted to work on it for a couple years now. I never got around to doing it, as there always seemed to be other projects lined up that took my attention away. However, with an inevitable release coming for the Virtual Console, and my sudden urge to replay the game, I’ve decided now is the best time to start this long awaited project. Several of the other site staff members will be helping out in this group effort, and we hope to bring you fresh content for the game very soon!

Oracle of Ages doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves in my book. I think it is one of the definitive hardcore Zelda titles out there, that has all the elements of what make Zelda my favorite video game series today. Ages offers what I think is the most extensive Zelda puzzles in the entire series, along with some of the highest difficulty level, and a very interesting and plot turning storyline. It really is a shame that it gets dismissed as being somehow lesser then many of the other games in the series. Perhaps it was due to it’s release being very late in the Gameboy Color life cycle, but it just seems not enough people ever played this title.

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