Chugga Chugga Wii Wii

Ocarina of Time With TrainsOur friends over at apparently are trying to butt into our casual article fan base. What can I say? Monkey see, monkey do. This time, Xizor had some interesting thoughts regarding the use of trains, potentially, in Zelda Wii.

Imagine, if you would, Ocarina of Time… with trains. Sounds odd doesn’t it? He goes on to point out how Zelda Wii could be a natural progression, and may even advance things slightly farther then just trains. There are some good points there though. Look how big the world could be with the ability to be on a train!

I am not saying to dump Epona to the side here, but why can’t we have a train, and a horse, in the next Zelda console title? Honestly, it does seem like a novel idea. I seem to actually like it more and more every time I think about it. Why does it have to stop there? Zelda Deluge anyone? So, what do you think folks? Trains in Zelda Wii? Works for me.

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