Christmas Eve Excitement

Christmas Eve is upon us and we are mere hours away from opening up Christmas gifts at the house. For once, I’m really clueless on what I’m going to get this year. I’m hoping for some new Nintendo goodies for my DS or Wii, but most likely I’ll be getting the usual new clothes, some random dvd’s, money, gift cards, and those absolutely obscure useless items from those distant relatives. Either way, I’m sure I’ll get some stuff I like and hope you all get the same. For those of you who don’t celebrate, at least you have the few days off of school or work. 🙂

We do have some site news to report on. One of our affiliates Pokemon Palace has gone down and offline. I’ve read that Nintendo got involved over copyright issues, but I’m unsure of the details. Anyway, we have replaced them with two new great Pokemon sites, Pokemon Dream and Pokemon Online. If you are a fan of the Pokemon games, be sure to check them out.

Pokemon Dream
Pokemon Online

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