The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time introduced the ocarina to many Zelda fans for the first time and elevated the instrument’s recognition in popular culture. Now, ocarina novices and enthusiasts alike have the chance to support a new Kickstarter campaign for “The Ocarina through Time,” a comprehensive online museum which will make the rich history and cultural significance of the ocarina accessible to more people all around the world.

“The Ocarina through Time” Kickstarter campaign runs now through April 7, 2023. Backers will receive exclusive rewards such as early access to the virtual museum and copies of the 120-page coffee table book The Ocarina through Time: A Photographic Journey signed by the book’s author and the campaign’s driving force David Erick Ramos.

Based in Los Angeles, California, David Erick Ramos is an ocarina specialist, composer, and content creator with over 20 years of experience.  On his YouTube channel, Ramos has been spreading awareness of the instrument by sharing music, reviews, and tutorials since 2007.

“It’s such a simple, yet beautiful instrument that has existed for thousands of years,” Ramos said in the virtual museum’s official Kickstarter video. “Now with over 400 ocarinas in my collection, I want to share them with as many people as possible, and that’s what this project is about.”

“The Ocarina through Time” will not only offer virtual visitors an informational experience by sharing historical and technical facts, but an interactive one as well, featuring audio and video samples of each ocarina in the collection. Visitors will also be able to sort ocarinas of interest by type, number of holes, material, place of origin, and era. The project has been highlighted by the Kickstarter team as a “Project We Love.”

Depending on the amount of your pledge, rewards beyond the high-quality The Ocarina through Time: A Photographic Journey coffee table book include extra recognition on the museum website and in the photo book, digital downloads of the photo book and Ramos’ original ocarina music, autographed memorabilia, private dinners and concert opportunities with the creator, and more!


According to the project’s Kickstarter website, “The Ocarina through Time” is an effort “to document, archive, and preserve ocarina history for future generations.” But they need help getting there! If you’re passionate about ocarinas or interested in learning more about them yourself, become a backer of the Kickstarter before April 7, 2023 to help make this virtual museum a reality!

Interested in learning more about David Erick Ramos’ work? You can follow him on his website and YouTube channel, and on other social media websites under @DavidErickRamos. If you want to keep up with “The Ocarina through Time,” you can stay up to date by following the Kickstarter page.

What do you think of “The Ocarina through Time?” Do you plan on becoming a backer and visiting the virtual museum when it opens? What would you hope to see in the collection? Let us know those thoughts down below in the comments, and be sure to check out “The Ocarina through Time!”

Source: “The Ocarina through Time: a Virtual Museum”

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