“Trio of the Goddesses” is a Zelda-themed album from the Laurence Manning Trio, a musical ensemble that was formed in 2020. According to their website, the Laurence Manning Trio specializes in “original music and neoclassical creations, as well as video game music.” This new album, which highlights the skills of Laurence Manning (Piano), Daphnée Sincennes Richard (Violin), and Lou Dunand-Vincent (Cello), is full of lush arrangements of fan-favorite Zelda songs. In the description for the album, it is described as “a tribute to the many composers who created the original music for The Legend of Zelda video games.”

“Trio of the Goddesses” has seventeen songs including:

  • “Ballad of the Goddess”
  • “Tal Tal Heights”
  • “Ballad of the Windfish”
  • “The Great Sea”
  • “The Dark World”
  • “Main Theme”
  • “Title Theme” (Ocarina of Time)
  • “Saria’s Song”
  • “Song of Healing”
  • “Termina Field”
  • “Midna’s Lament”
  • “Hidden Village”
  • “Main Theme” (Breath of the Wild)
  • “Mipha’s Theme”
  • “Orchestra Piece #1” (Twilight Princess)
  • “Zelda’s Lullaby”
  • “Fi’s Farewell”

One of my favorite track from this album is “Hidden Village” from Twilight Princess. The “Trio of the Goddesses” version of the song has a dramatic piano opening that sounds amazing. The use of cello and violin give the song a different flavor from the Western-inspired version heard in the original game. Another great selection from the album is “Song of Healing” (featured in Majora’s Mask). The lush sounds of the violin and cello capture the haunting mix of grief and mystery that makes the song so mesmerizing. While not featured as heavily as the string instruments, the piano plays a pivotal role in the song as it progresses and builds towards its conclusion.

If you are interested in purchasing “Trio of the Goddesses,” it is available on Bandcamp or through the Laurence Manning website. The album is available digitally or physically on CD. On YouTube, Manning has posted performances of “Zelda’s Lullaby” and “Orchestra Piece #1” (from Twilight Princess) for viewers to enjoy. Manning also has a dedicated playlist that contains all of her arrangements for the Zelda series.

What do you think of “Trio of the Goddesses” or the Laurence Manning Trio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Laurence Manning Trio

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