Commonwealth Realm is at it again with another entry in their timeline theory series focusing on the different races of Zelda lore. They’ve recently uploaded a video on the timeline of the Kokiri and the Great Deku Tree. Commonwealth Realm begins their analysis with the game in which the forest race first appeared: Ocarina of Time. They note that precursors or hints to the race appear in Skyward Sword with the Kikwis, but because these creatures don’t have the Great Deku Tree accompanying their appearance, it is hard to say whether or not these beings evolved into the Kokiri.

Commonwealth Realm then goes through each Zelda title to see what’s become of the forest folk. It’s noted that they are absent in Twilight Princess and the Downfall Timeline, which brings Commonwealth Realm to The Wind Waker and the appearance of the Korok. They end the analysis on Breath of the Wild, explaining how the Korok and the Great Deku Tree have likely been watching over the Master Sword for quite some time.

But, watch the video for yourselves. And of course, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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