Kakariko Village has been a key location in multiple Zelda games since its first appearance in A Link To The Past. The 1992 classic introduced a peaceful and cozy musical theme to go with the location. This theme later returned in Ocarina of Time, as well as live events like Symphony of Goddesses.

Kakariko Village was drastically redesigned for Breath of the Wild, a game that overhauled and changed many aspects of the franchise. The new village had a clear Japanese design and influence, which changed many players’ perspectives of the classic village. With the change in Kakariko’s design came changes in its musical theme, meant to incorporate more traditional Japanese instrumentation.

This woodwind cover by Joe DiFiore captures the more eastern flavor and peaceful tone of the new theme. The four woodwinds work together to recreate the theme, with the flute providing the main melody. It’s a refreshing take on a beautiful Zelda song. The all-woodwind ensemble provides this arrangement with its own distinct sound.

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