There’s no shortage of great Zelda artwork; from official concept work to small pen-and-paper sketches, artists all over the world have done really great work. Breath of the Wild has also provided many illustrators with inspiration and the relationship between Link and Zelda especially has offered great vibes that many of us have enjoyed exploring in various forms of art.

Over on YouTube, tirameowsu recently showed off her talents with pen and ink and watercolor paintings as she recreated one of her own pieces from a few years ago. In this speedpaint video, she talks through the inspiration of the piece, some technical information about her pen and paint selections, and the way her process has changed since her original drawing.

I personally love both pieces and almost could see them as having existed in one story. Over the years Link and Zelda return to the tree and these are but two snapshots of them in these moments. I love the color selection as well. It’s vibrant, engaging, and really feels like it captures the moment.

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