The recently released fan album Zelda Cinematica presents the score to the “epic Hollywood Zelda movie that lifelong fans have conjured in their heads”. The album, created Sam Dillard, draws from a variety of Zelda games across diverse series.

This composition, titled “Beyond The Mirror, is an arrangement of “The Dark World” from A Link to The Past and “Lorule Castle” from its long overdue sequel A Link Between World. The arrangement is a boisterous, booming rendition of both tracks. The tempo for the track is blistering, with a variety of percussion instrumentation serving as the foundation for the piece. The use of horns and violins reflect the desire to capture the “Hollywood” feeling of big budget scores and soundtracks. The song also makes excellent use of vocals and choral elements, which add a Gothic flair to parts of the song.

The Dark World theme is one of the most memorable themes from A Link to The Past and it fits well thematically with Lorule Castle, as both are twisted reflections of their respective worlds. This track retains the sense of danger and adventure that both games embody so perfectly.

You can listen to all of Zelda Cinematica right here.

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