Youtuber Edible Incredible recently released a video theorizing the potential outcomes of Ganondorf’s wish, had it not been interrupted during the Era of the Great Sea. The theorist begins by discussing whether Ganondorf would have made the decision to change between his beast form and human form, or whether his obtaining the complete Triforce would have caused him to remain in the form of Ganon.

Edible Incredible describes how in Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf used the Triforce of Power to become Ganon and defeat Link. The Sages then sealed him, while still in possession of the Triforce, into the Dark World, which lead to the Downfall Timeline. For the duration of this timeline, Ganon remained in beast form and still in possession of the complete Triforce as seen in A Link to the Past. Edible Incredible believes that Ganondorf’s evil ways are the influence which causes the completed Triforce to keep him in beast form.

He then talks about the Adult Era, in which Link was successful in defeating Ganon, who was then sealed in the Sacred Realm, along with the Triforce of Power. Edible Incredible explains that Ganon would have kept possession of the Triforce of Power by the time The Wind Waker took place, just like during the Downfall Timeline, but this time, he would have returned to his human form.

Edible Incredible supposes that after the duration of being sealed due to his defeat by Link, which lead to the Adult Era, Ganondorf’s motives had changed, along with his evil ways, as shown by his decision not to kill Link on three separate occasions during The Wind Waker. Even when holding the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf did not take the form of Ganon. The theorist believes that Ganondorf’s heart was actually in balance during these events. So if he had united the Triforce during this era, he could have freely changed between his human form and that of Ganon, if he so wanted to.

Edible Incredible does point out that during Twilight Princess of the Child Era, Ganon switches between beast form and human form, so although his motives had changed, he still harbored anger, particularly towards the Hylian race who had executed him.

The theorist goes on to sum up that if Ganondorf’s wish was granted, it would still have been possible for Link to defeat him, even in beast form and even with the completed Triforce, as shown in A Link to the Past. Hyrule would have been destined to return, but without their new King. Edible Incredible believes that Link and Zelda would have created their own peace in the renewed Hyrule.

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