Nintendo of America have highlighted a new Breath of the Wild-themed headset, created by ASTRO Gaming. The headset in question, the A10, is known for its comfort and durability, and has various audio options, such as in-line volume control and Game-Voice Balance.

The site describes the headphones as “precisely tuned for gaming”. The description reads:

This durable A10 Headset features golden runes, Lens of Truth, Hyrule Crest, and the iconic Zelda “Z” and Master Sword emblem embossed upon a textured black background. Defeat Calamity Ganon, help Princess Zelda, and meet your destiny in legendary style!

The headset, which was announced in May, comes with a 3.5mm audio port (the standard port found on most phones), an adapter for Switch orientated voice chat, and a flip to mute microphone! The A10 line of headsets also comes in various other colors, and a Call of Duty version is also available.

The Zelda-branded headset is available from the ASTRO website for $69.99, while the plainer designs are listed at $59.99. The Call of Duty is currently part of a special offer and is $55.99.

Zelda Dungeon actually went hands on with this new headset during this year’s E3. You can see our thoughts right here.

Will you consider buying these? Let us know in the comments!

Source: ASTRO Gaming

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