The Lost Woods is one of the most memorable locations in Ocarina of Time. The song that is used to bring the rich, mysterious environment to life has transcended its N64 origins to be featured in several Zelda titles since its 1998 debut.

This soothing acoustic guitar arrangement by Chaos Canine captures the mystery and whimsicality of the iconic forest. This video is also notable for the stunning visuals within the video. A camera has been placed within the guitar, which allows the viewer to see the vibrations of the strings as Canine plays the song. It’s a bold choice, and it’s refreshing to see the acoustic guitar through a new perspective: from within.

Additionally, the video features a gorgeous ocean view, reminiscent of the wonderful ocean and islands found in The Wind Waker. It may be an accident/unintentional, but I love the makeshift waves that the vibrations of the string make as the instrument is being strummed. It’s a wonderful image that help complete the peaceful imagery present in the surrounding ocean imagery and sounds.

What do you think of this Lost Woods arrangement? Let us know in the comments below!

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