It’s kind of a shame we couldn’t pet dogs or even pick them up in Breath of the Wild. Perhaps in an attempt to make up for this, a modder named SaltySalty has created a Shiba Inu Mod, aptly named Chonky Doggo. I believe the mod applies a skin over the Giant Horse, much like the Thomas the Tank Engine mod, allowing Link to ride this large companion throughout Hyrule! Check out the video above to see the adorable dog being ridden for yourself!

The doge meme kicked off back in 2013, and since then it has gone on to be used as the template image for the meme cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin, which had a spike in value a month ago, making it perfect timing for resurgence of the doge meme. It’s cool to see it in Breath of the Wild finally!

Do you plan on downloading this mod featuring that heccin’ cute pupper, def a fren, much chonk? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: GameBanana

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