Have you ever wished that Nintendo had featured more playable villains from the Zelda series in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? We honestly could do without a few Fire Emblem characters and instead have characters like Pig Ganon or Zant on the roster. Fortunately, creators @SmashBannerGuy and @corshmell have actively been working to create a Pig Ganon mod for Smash Bros. Ultimate!

This Pig Ganon mod was originally developed for Project M back in 2016, but has now been completely remastered for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Ganon modification incorporates: 10 total skins, User Interface, a Trident model to replace the sword, Trident One-Slot FX, Swing physics for the necklace, and loin armor. Visit the mod’s Gamebanana page right here to see all available features and requirements necessary to run it.


If you’re interested in trying this mod out, the Pig Ganon main file is available for download here.

The creators of this Ganon mod have worked on numerous Smash Bros. mods as well, including Armored Mewtwo from the Pokemon franchise. The sheer effort and attention to detail is astounding.

What other mods would you like to see added to your perfect roster of Super Smash Bros Ultimate? As I stated before, I’d love to see a playable Zant, but I also would love to see characters from the Goron or Zora tribes. Leave your comments below!


Source: Gamebanana (via Metroid Database)

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