Link’s Awakening is one of the most charming, unique, and memorable games in the series. Even before its 2019 facelift for the Switch, it was routinely ranked in some people’s top handful of games in the series. Part of the game’s charm comes from the characters and locations across Koholint Island, and one notable character is Old Man Ulrira, who will talk to Link over the telephone at various spots across the island. You can visit him in his actual home though in Mabe Village, just southwest of Marin and Tarin’s home.

Earlier this month, Once Upon A Workbench uploaded a video showcasing the ultimate doghouse based on Ulrira’s home. Complete with the distinctive purple roof, this doghouse is put together with tons of little details that make it feel like it was pulled right out of the game. The painted stonework on the front combined with the tapered edge pieces that resemble trees really help bring the aesthetic together. The craftsman even adds some Link’s Awakening pieces to the inside, namely a picture of Link riding BowWow and a breakable pot. I think these works of carpentry are incredible and beautiful.

It’s worth noting that Once Upon A Workbench is the same creator who gave us the ultimate replica playhouse of Link’s home from Breath of the Wild, almost a year ago now. He provided links to the plans for the replica playhouse so that viewers could recreate his crafts on their own, and the plans for the doghouse will also be available soon. Check out the creator’s newsletter to get notified! You can also support him via Instagram and Patreon too.

What did you think about this latest Zelda-inspired build? Will your dog be cozying up in one of these? Do you think BowWow would approve of a doghouse version of her neighbor’s home? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it over in our Discord!

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