Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launched on December 7th to rave reviews and enormous world wide sales. The game is notable for its inclusion of a staggering 74 characters and an exciting new adventure mode titled “World of Light”.

The introduction trailer for “World of Light” (also its opening cutscene) is an exciting sequence with Nintendo’s most iconic characters battling a new enemy known as Galeem. In the trailer, Galeem sends rays of blinding light blasting through the land, destroying all of the characters in their path. It’s an exhilarating, if not heart breaking sequence, which includes call backs to some of characters’ defining moves and features, like Solid Snake hiding in his box and Kirby using his Warp Star to escape the devastation.

This Game Boy Color “De-Make” by Nintendo Wire shows what the sequence might look like in the classic pixelized Game Boy Color style. There was clearly a lot of effort and thought put into this creation, as it certainly required some clever thinking to reconstruct the sequence in this art style. There is even a Game Boy-style remix of the song “Lifelight” for the end of trailer!

What do you think of this “World of Light” de-make? Let us know in the comments below!

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