Instagram Artist Mickcrisp recently uploaded a new gallery that features crossover art of some of your favorite Zelda characters and characters from the beloved television series The Simpsons. The pieces are designed with the classic cartoon style that is usually employed by The Simpsons cartoonists, and the artist has done well to incorporate the finer Zelda details, such as Dark Link’s shield and the Sheikah emblem on Sheik’s garb.

When asked what inspired him to create the crossover, Mickcrisp replied:

“I was inspired to create the crossover because I’m a huge fan of all things The Simpsons and Nintendo, especially the Zelda series.  It started off as a way to get myself back in to drawing but then I loved see the mashups of some of my favorite characters, so it’s continued from there.”

The artist of course has a favorite design, although he did find it difficult to choose at first. He told us:

“Picking a favorite is hard, as much as I love the Link/Bart crossover, I’d have to choose Sheik/Lisa and Dark Link/Hugo.  I loved both of those characters from playing Ocarina of Time as a kid and I personally think the illustrations have improved since I started.”

Check out Mickcrisp’s work in the gallery and let us know what you think in the comment’s below!

Source: Instagram

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