On the cusp of the Zelda Dungeon event entitled Musical March Madness, we are reminded once again of the plethora of Zelda tunes and how the vast quality within them makes relative comparisons difficult. Musical March Madness pits songs against each other in order for one to be a reigning champion amongst the opinions of the Zelda fandom, but the competition really speaks to the amount of truly wonderful songs that have graced our ears over these past thirty-five years.

A recent video, in fact, pays tribute to one of the many songs beloved by fans, with the musical group “The Cable Kids” performing a funk rendition of “Overworld” from Link’s Awakening. In particular, the group features bassist David Caraccio, organ and moog player Claude-Alain Biedermann, guitarist Doctor Ghøst, drummer Fantin Moreno, and vibraphone player and percussionist Jonathan Salvi. Additionally, the camera and video editing was done by Lionel Bourqui of Linkering Productions and the Mixing and Mastering was done by David Caraccio.

You can support “The Cable Kids” socially on Facebook and Instagram, as well as financially on Patreon and Bandcamp.

What do you think of this fan-made remix? What is your favorite song in Link’s Awakening? Do you plan on participating in our Musical March Madness event? Let us know in the comments below!

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