When I think of iconic places from Ocarina of Time, Goron City is easily one of the most memorable. From its importance in the story, to the route that leads back to the Lost Woods, to the “secret” entrance to Death Mountain Crater from Darunia’s chamber, Goron City is a vital location. There’s also plenty of iconic items that one can acquire from the Goron legs of the quest, such as the Megaton Hammer or the Goron Tunic. One rather unique item that is available over on Etsy, though, might be one of the least expected and also most awesome pieces I’ve seen in a long time.

Using a 3D printer, Etsy’s Bear and Wolf Studio sells the giant pot from the center of Goron City. Now, this isn’t a 30 foot-tall statue ready for you to toss a bomb into, but rather a five-inch-tall planter. Featuring three Goron faces, one on each of the three sides, and the standard Goron insignia, the vase is made of PLA safe filament. The interior space measures about 4 inches deep with an opening of about 1.75 inches. Maybe the best part about it is that it comes in at only $19.99 USD (plus shipping and fees).

This Goron City-inspired vase is available from Etsy right here, and from Amazon right here.

I personally love this little piece. It’s one of those unique elements that I would love to add to my own collection, maybe as a pencil holder or small planter. Goron City is one of those places where I wasted a lot of my early days just running around seeing what I could do. Tossing a bomb into the full-sized jar was always a blast (no pun intended), and having a miniature version of that on my shelf would just be awesome.

What do you think of the miniature Goron Vase? Does it bring up any memories of Goron City? Do you think it’s something you want to pick up for your home? Let us know in the comments below or chat about it over in our Discord.

Source: Bear and Wolf Studio


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