With a game as expansive as Breath of the Wild, some well hidden secrets are bound to escape the eyes of even the most observant Zelda fans. That being said, WatchMojo released its “Top 10 Secrets in Zelda: Breath of the Wild” video last week. Waiting until almost nine months after the game’s release to compile this list allowed it to focus on secrets that haven’t had a ton of exposure. So check out the video to see if you missed any of these. Possible spoilers ahead!

There were some secrets on this list even I didn’t know about. I didn’t notice the Temple of Time music reference, I didn’t know the Lord of the Mountain was a reference to Princess Mononoke, and I had no idea the Forgotten Temple existed. I hadn’t heard about the english translations of the Hylian text or the end result of Tarrey Town. I also just now found out that Kilton sells the Dark Link costume, I had just assumed it was unlocked by an Amiibo (…suddenly realizing how painfully uninformed I am about this game).

It was really interesting finding out about these secrets. I’d taken a break from playing Breath of the Wild for awhile, but now that I see there’s plenty I haven’t discovered, I want to jump back in and do some more exploring!

Were there any secrets on this list you didn’t know about? Let us know in the comments!

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