As far as iconic moments go, Ocarina of Time has some of the best, from Link leaving the Kokiri Forest, to meeting Princess Zelda for the first time, and to, of course, pulling the Master Sword. Those are only a few, but, of course, just about every temple in the game comes with some memorable moments also. And a conversation about the temples in Ocarina of Time wouldn’t be complete without some discussion about the Water Temple. Love it or hate it, we can all agree that the showdown with Dark Link is unforgettable.

Recently on the YouTube channel Seb Makes Stuff, that scene was brought to life via a diorama featuring the two swordsmen. Using a 3D-printed model of Link and mirroring it, the creator painted one model in the classic green tunic and the other in various shades of greys. The two were then mounted before the dead tree that rests in the center of the room in the game, along with a sand ground that was then covered in resin to create the water effect.

I really like how the piece turned out, and I especially enjoy the inspiration behind it. Looking at the piece, I’m immediately reminded of when I finally reached that point in the game after struggling to find the Small Key needed to enter the room. What I found to be the neatest detail on the piece, though, was the rippling water effects Seb Makes Stuff added by blowing onto the resin with straws. It really gave the piece some life and brought it all together.

What did you think about the diorama? Do you have any memories tied to this battle, or perhaps another scene from Ocarina of Time that would look cool made up in a similar fashion? Chat about it over in our Discord, or leave a comment below!

Source: Seb Makes Stuff

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