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The holiday seasons are a busy time for the jewelry industry. During these buying seasons, many people across the world are looking for gifts to give their significant other, for someone special in their lives, or to simply treat themselves. Etsy and other e-commerce platforms have given people access to a diverse amount of handmade or custom jewelry that fit each person’s specific interests, budgets, and aesthetic tastes. For fans of movies, television, and video games, there are more opportunities than ever to purchase a piece of jewelry based on your favorite property.

If you are looking for some video game-inspired jewelry designs, the Etsy shop AllThingsGeekChic has a variety of Zelda-themed jewelry available for purchase. AllThingsGeekChic is dedicated to making “small batch, made to order and customizable jewelry” and its mission is to bring “affordable fandom” to its customers.  The shop has rings and necklaces based on the Zora’s Sapphire from Ocarina of Time, the Spirit Vessel from Skyward Sword, and the Moon Tear from Majora’s Mask. Additionally, the shops includes products inspired by the three Spiritual Stones, the Hylian Shield, the Hylian Royal Crest, and the Nintendo 64 Faeries. The price of the products on AllThingsGeekChic range between $100 USD and $250 USD, though the prices can be higher depending on the design and materials used.

One of AllThingsGeekChic’s goals for the future is to develop rings and necklaces inspired by the other two Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time (the Kokiri Emerald and the Goron Ruby). The shop has already completed their design for the Kokiri Emerald, and they will move on to designs for the Goron Ruby once the emerald has gone into production. AllThingsGeekChic is also working on a special design related to The Wind Waker, so make sure to check back with the shop in the future to see that design. In addition to their array of Zelda-themed products, the shop also collaborates with customers on custom products and commissions.

AllThingsGeekChic is offering a 10% discount on any orders until January first; use the promo code “ZELDADUNGEON10” at checkout to receive the discount (not a paid promotion or affiliate deal).

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Source: AllThingsGeekChic

Editor’s Note: Zelda Dungeon is not sponsored by this store and has not been paid to promote any products offered.

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