Chess is one of the most iconic and popular strategy games in the world. The revered game has a massive following, and the flexible gameplay means that the game can be played by young and old players alike.  The origins of the game can be traced back more than one thousand years to areas like Persia and India. Chess sets themselves have become something of an art form, with various creators and companies producing an astonishing range of beautiful boards and figures.

This homemade Breath of the Wild chess set by edlothian is a stunning creation for Zelda fans to marvel at. Each of the different pieces has their own specific counterpart from Breath of the Wild‘s pool of characters and enemies. For the Hylian side, the Koroks are pawns, the goddess statues are rooks, Master Cycles are knights, Links are bishops, Zelda is the queen, and her father is the king piece. I really enjoy that they did not make Link the king piece, even though it might have been tempting to put Link at center stage. On Ganon’s side, Chuchus are pawns, Guardians are rooks, Lizalfos are knights, Bokoblins are bishops, the Lynel is the queen piece, and Calamity Ganon (from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity) is the king. I appreciate the inclusion of Age of Calamity’s version of Ganon, which I thought was an interesting contrast to the versions seen in Breath of the Wild.

In their post, edlothian stated that it took around 3 months to make the chess set. They also stated that each of figures has been “meticulously painted by hand,” and they all have an incredible amount of detail! In addition to the beautiful pieces, the chess board is themed around the game as well. The board’s squares are covered by an alternating pattern of grass and stone. The stone is reminiscent of the cracked stonework around the Temple of Time, which is slowly being reclaimed by nature.


If you enjoyed this video, edlothian also has uploaded a nine minute video where they transformed their cellar into an amazing Zelda-themed game room.


What do you think of this handmade Breath of the Wild chest set?   Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
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