While some might disagree, Breath of the Wild stands as one of my favorite games in the Zelda franchise. As I see it, the game is more of a story of Link and his journey than it is about the Champions or Hyrule. This incredibly animation by Mire focuses on Link and his story in Breath of the Wild. With the upbeat (if you don’t know Japanese) music of invaderT’s “Deathly Loneliness Attacks” playing in the background, Mire repeatedly uses partially moving artwork to form their animation.

The art style, a play on the game’s standard art style, brightens the video with its charm and vibrant color. In my eyes, the animation tells a story of Link beginning his journey in Breath of the Wild and exploring Hyrule. As he does so, he discovers his forgotten mistakes and those whom he lost. Though he regrets what happened, he doesn’t let his pain keep him down, but instead, he uses it as fuel to do what he can with what he has now. That’s just my interpretation, of course, but I wanted to share it.

What did you think of the animation? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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