Does the deep bellow of a trombone ever remind anyone of their first steps into Goron City? If so, you need to check out the works of The Game Brass and in particular its brass cover of the theme from Goron City in Breath of the Wild.

This stellar arrangement showcases a quintet of musicians armed with french horns, trumpets, and trombones. The phenomenal rhythm beats through your chest through each crescendo and decrescendo as the instrumentalists lead us through Link’s journey into Goron City. Moreover, this musical creation has a unique edit where we can visualize the vigor of the performers upon a backdrop of lava and scenes of Goron City.

The Game Brass has several instrumental covers inspired by Zelda and other video games as well, such as Halo and Kingdom Hearts. This group of talented performers releases music at least once a month and has a deep passion for melding video game music with a classical touch.

What are your thoughts on this brass cover of Goron City? What other music from the Zelda franchise should the group cover? I can already imagine a boisterous version of the Wind Waker theme with brass instrumentals. Leave your thoughts below!

Source: The Game Brass 

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