A foreboding fortress, a blustery desert, and a group of talented and fearsome thieves. Gerudo Valley is one of the best locations in Ocarina of Time, with an incredible sense of atmosphere and adventure. And its theme is one of the most iconic songs in the history of the Zelda series. The distinct sounds of the song help establish the tone and help you develop a connection with the landscape and the Gerudo culture.

As part of the upcoming album Zelda Cinematica (releasing September 28th), Samo Studios has created his own rendition of the famous tune called “Sands of Fate”. This version of the song shares many similarities with the version released on the 25th anniversary CD (heard at the Symphony of the Goddesses Concert), but crucially, it retains and adds some distinct instrumentation that harkens back to the original Ocarina of Time composition by Koji Kondo.

Zelda Cinematica‘s version uses the sounds of orchestra mainstays like horns and violin, while also including some less traditional wind instruments, acoustic guitar, and female backing vocals. The female vocals used in the song are beautiful, taking center stage in the back half of track. They remind me of the soundtracks from films like Hans Zimmer’s Prince of Egypt and Harry Gregson-Williams‘s Kingdom of Heaven, films scores that borrow heavily/use elements of Middle Eastern music.

In addition to the amazing mix of instruments and sounds, the song is also a staggering seven minutes long. Listen all the way through to hear another famous Zelda tune, which makes a brief but significant cameo in the song!

Zelda Cinematica is scheduled for release on September 28th, with pre-orders available now. You can learn more about the album on Samo Studios’s website right here.

What do you think of this epic arrangement of Gerudo Valley? Let us know in the comments below!

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