Ocarina of Time is heralded as one of the greatest Zelda games by many fans, which is why we continue to see amazing fan projects inspired by the game to this day. For example, a recent animation video by MajorLink calls back to fan-favorite characters Link and Saria, exploring their relationship and adding emotional depth to the events of Ocarina of Time.

In this video, titled “Always With Me”, we see an adult Link enter the Sacred Forest Meadow expecting to see Saria; though to his dismay, Saria is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, the distraught Link is intercepted by none other than Sheik, who tells him, “You must let go of the Past.”

As Link sifts through his memories of childhood and of Saria, we see a sudden shift in his expressions. “Home is never far away when you have happy memories,” Saria says in one of Link’s memories.

Sheik then proceeds to teach Link a new song, and, as he follows along, he sees a brief glimpse of his old friend. “Keep moving forward Link,” Sheik says, leaving him alone.

This animation is a reminder of all of the time that Link lost during his seven years of sleep. He left behind friends, his childhood, and sacrificed so many memories to become the protector of Hyrule. As heart wrenching as this short animation may be, it is a reminder that though time has passed, there are still happy memories to cling to.

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