Who says you need an orchestra? This amazing cover of the Kakariko Village theme shows how a talented musician can use limited resources to create a beautiful rendition of a song.

Youtuber BearKeys illustrates the flexibility of the electronic keyboard in his Kakariko Village cover by using the instrument to simulate the sound of a guitar rather than a traditional piano sound. This allows BearKeys to create a sound that beautifully captures the peaceful sounds of Kakariko Village, one very reminiscent of the renditions found in Ocarina of Time and A Link Between Worlds.

It’s enjoyable to watch BearKeys use every available resource to achieve the sounds and feeling of Kakariko Village. The way BearKeys manages both the keyboard and the melodica by himself gives the video some visual flair, and it shows an impressive amount of skills and concentration.

What do you think of this cover of Kakariko Village? Let us know in the comments?

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