The steel drums have a distinct musical heritage, originating in the islands of Trinidad and Tibago, so, when they are combined with something like Zelda music, exciting things happen. Steeldrumbands recently covered the Legend of Zelda main theme as heard in A Link to the Past, and the steel drums have an interesting effect on the iconic song.

This rendition of the Legend of Zelda theme is reminiscent of the music found in Breath of the Wild‘s Lurelin Village, a tropical fishing village found on the coast. The theme has a very relaxing and soothing feel to it, which completely changes the tone and mood of the original tune.

Steeldrumbands is also teasing an arrangement of “Saria’s Song”, so check back with them soon!

I would love to hear some of the steel drum arrangements of music from the island-centric Wind Waker or Phantom Hourglass, as the both games thematically fit the island origins of the instrument.

But what do you think of this rendition of the main theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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