PPF recently uploaded a cover he did of “Dragon Roost Island” onto YouTube. The cover is impressive, and uses a mandolin, a ukulele, a pan flute, and a flute, along with other instruments. The video is shot in a split screen that allows all the instruments to be seen together at first, before cutting away to focus on individual ones, which seems to help the listener focus on how that particular instrument affects the song as a whole.

The bass, for example, brings in a subtle element of jazz to the otherwise active song. The tune of the song itself is a faithful recreation, but something about the instruments being played makes it seem more lively than the original. Perhaps it’s just the original twist PPF gives the song during the end and his sincerity throughout the song. PPF does other Nintendo covers as well, if you want to consider following him.

Have a listen for yourselves, and let us know your thoughts on the cover down in the comments!

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