3D Printing Nerd recently uploaded a crafting video for a 3D-printed Master Sword. Using a Lulzbot TAZ6 MOARstruder and Polymaker Polylite, Joel Telling printed the iconic blade as based on a model by Lloyd Roberts on MyMiniFactory. The pattern took 17 hours to print, versus around 120 hours it would have taken using a different printer.

Seeing Joel’s process and listening to his knowledge of 3D printing was definitely impressive. The Polymaker Polylite was chosen because it is sturdy and heavy, according to Joel. During the assembly, the plastic had to be sanded down a little, and then metal rods had to be inserted into the Master Sword’s hilt. The rest of the Master Sword pieces were then tapped into place with a hammer and held together with glue. The blade did not get finishing designs, such as paint, but it still looked impressive and seemed to be well-weighted. It could even be handled like a hand and a half sword.

Check out the video for yourselves, and, let us know if you will be attempting this project down in the comments below!

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