Game Theory’s “Culture Shock” series, hosted by Gaijin Goombah, recently posted a video on the Yiga Clan. This particular video somewhat accompanies Gaijin’s video about the Sheikah in Breath of the Wild. Rather than look for the authenticity of the Yiga Clan as ninja, Gaijin chooses to focus more on the historical background of the Yiga. He also gets to the bottom of why the Yiga seem to love bananas so much.

The Yiga appear to be representing the Iga clan, which is found in Japanese history. The Iga eventually come to protect Tokugawa, who is an important figure in Japanese history, as he is responsible for unifying all of Japan. The Iga are therefore reminiscent to the Sheikah, until one looks further back into the Iga clan’s history. The Iga were scattered through Japan and were vicious warriors who fought back an army of 12,000 men with just 4,000 fighters. Their leader referred to himself as the Demon King, which, is oddly parallel to the Yiga’s backstory in Breath of the Wild.

Watch the video for yourselves and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section!

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