After watching this incredible fan animation on Vimeo, I am dying for Nintendo to give the world the Zelda animated series so many of us have been requesting.

This stunning two-minute sequence by QianyaYin sees the animators recreating/modifying Breath of the Wild’s art style and translating it into an animated video. In the video, Link helps an adorable (but sad) Korok battle a group of Guardians. The battle goes badly for Link but he persists through the battle, eventually defeating his enemies. There’s a beautiful moment where it seems like Mipha’s Grace is being used, with the Zora Champion Mipha appearing as a blue, eerie ghost.

According to the creator, this entire sequence took “about two months” to create, with help from another animator called Youyang Kong. The music is also as intriguing, as a composer named Sihan Yuan created new music for the video, with sound effects by Doudou.

What do you think of this animation? Did your heart melt when you saw that adorable Korok? Do you think Nintendo should create/commission a Zelda animated show or movie?

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