YouTube content creators BanditGames and MonsterMaze have teamed up to create dual videos exploring the dungeons in Ocarina of Time (which are arguably some of the most iconic in the entire Zelda series!), with one video on MonsterMaze’s channel and the other on BanditGames’. These two Zelda fans are known for their attention to even minuscule details and deeply insightful theories surrounding popular video games. In this new pair of videos (each covering just a few of Ocarina of Time‘s many temples), they describe what they believe could be the origin and original purpose for each dungeon in this ground-breaking game.


As someone who worships Ocarina of Time, these videos were a must for me, and I appreciated the lengths these two content creators went through to produce well-thought-out videos that blend and complete each other just like Twinrova.

Will you check out both videos? Did you learn anything new from their insights? Let me know in the comments!

Source: BanditGames, MonsterMaze

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