First debuting in A Link To The Past, the Master Sword is one of the most iconic items in video game history. Since its first appearance, the sword has been a key item in many Zelda titles, and it is often depicted as having a distinct indigo cross guard and grip. The sword is an important symbol in the series, and obtaining the sword often symbolizes Link taking a huge step as a hero. Because of the series’ popularity, many fans are interested in owning their own version of the iconic sword, either for display or to complete a costume.

If you are interested in owning your own version of the Master Sword, then the replica swords from Fire & Steel might catch your eye! Founded in 2012, Fire & Steel describes itself as a “premium retailer for specialty blades and traditional weaponry.” The Canadian retailer offers sharp, blunt, and high density foam replicas of weapons featured in films, television shows, games, and much more. Since 2018, Fire & Steel has expanded its catalog to include more cosplay-related products and accessories. Fire & Steel is located in Ontario, Canada, and the company ships worldwide from Canada.

Fire & Steel has a variety of swords and other items from the Zelda series available for purchase on their website, but two of their most exciting products are high-end replicas of the Master Sword. Based on the design of the Master Sword from Breath of the Wild, there are two versions available: Link and a Dark Link.

Neither version includes the classic indigo cross guard that die-hard fans will recognize. Instead, these replicas have a distinct bronze or gold colored cross guard. The more traditional “Link version” includes a blue-green wrapping on the grip, while the “Dark Link version” has a midnight black grip. Each blade comes with a distinct scabbard, with Dark Link’s scabbard design being different from the traditional Master Sword scabbard seen in Breath of the Wild and other games. Both swords are priced at $349.99 CAD, but they are currently on sale for $299.99 CAD.

The Link version of the sword is available here, while the Dark Link version is available here.

If you are interested in either replicas of the Master Sword, I would recommend checking out the video at the top of the article, as well as the gallery below.


What do you think of these replicas of the Master Sword, along with Fire & Steel’s other Zelda products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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