Bursting with personality, color, and that handcrafted feel, these stickers from Stephanie Cusumano’s Etsy shop are sure to bring delight to Zelda fans everywhere. Whether it’s Breath of the Wild that lights your blue flame or something a little further back on the timeline, Cusumano’s stickers come in a variety of character packs that will have you basking in nostalgia and pulling out your favorite Zelda game.

Regarding the inspiration for her stickers, Cusumano explains, “I thought it would be fun to draw them in my own ‘chibi’ style. I picked a lot of characters that are near and dear to me… more obscure characters as well, like some of the sages from A Link Between Worlds or Link from the cartoon series.” Of course, she also draws characters that are more popular among fans too.

Purchase price depends upon which sticker pack customers order, but there are plenty of options for fans to select a group that is just right. Selections range from single stickers ($1.00 USD) to the “Oracle Pack,” “Ganondorf Pack,” and “Minish Cap” (Each $1.80 USD), all the way up to the entire set ($33.15 USD). There are plenty of medium priced options as well, which include nearly every major title in the franchise.

You can follow Stephanie Cusumano on Twitter or find her Etsy shop here.

Tell us what you think! Will you be ordering a set of stickers for yourself or a Zelda fan in your life? Which characters do you hope she will create next? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Ariaera Etsy Shop

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