Who doesn’t like to see their favorite game reimagined in different ways?

In this current gaming generation, we hardly see very drastic graphical evolutions in new titles. Maybe that is why Unreal Engine recreation videos, like this recent showcase by YouTube creator CryZENx, get so much attention in the Zelda community. We get the opportunity to see environments from gaming’s past, like Ocarina of Time‘s Temple of Time, reimagined with top-of-the-line graphics.

With CryZENx’s video, we can really dive into the mysterious and dark atmosphere inside the Temple of Time. The twelve-minute-long showcase presents Link interacting with his Ocarina of Time and various other elements of the temple. The water current alone is fascinating, as well as the sunlight that invades the temple’s many windows. The soundtrack has also been revamped, matching perfectly with the setting that brings calm and restlessness at the same time. There is just so much attention to detail! Also, keep your eyes open for a very special and touching tribute too.

Watching recreations made with Unreal Engine just reinforces how mesmerizing it was to explore magical places like the Temple of Time in Ocarina of Time when we were kids. The Nintendo 64’s graphics weren’t even close to what we see in CryZENx’s video, but it sure felt like it. The same goes for Kokiri Forest, which was our very first contact with the Zelda series in 3D. CryZENx’s recreation of that introductory area manages to bring that indescribable feeling of playing the game for the very first time again. It brings so many emotions and memories back.

Be sure to check out even more of CryZENx’s amazing work on his YouTube channel. You can also support his projects via Patreon, by buying his merch, or simply by following him on Instagram.

What did you think? Would you like to see Ocarina of Time remastered in this style? Or do you prefer the nostalgia of the original graphics? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: CryZENx

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