Over a year ago, we interviewed Zelda YouTube theorist Cuccolover about the first Zelda theory on her own channel, titled Sacred Salvation, as well as the differences between self-publishing videos and writing for other channels (which she had done previously). Sacred Salvation was only the first part of an overall theory which was planned to be split into three parts. With time, we’ve finally gotten the second video titled Divinity’s Doom, which you can watch above!

Beginning where Sacred Salvation left off, this newest theory goes over Hylia’s role in the overall series. Cuccolover begins by citing Shinto lore about Amateresu, which parallels Hylia in the Zelda series. Both sacrificed their immortality, but their bloodlines live on through a line of royality. Both also left behind sacred relics that could help humanity fight against evil. In Skyward Sword, Hylia was usually regarded as having great foresight – which is why the measures she put in place to help humanity have appeared to work flawlessly for an extremely long time. This theory has it’s title for a reason, however. Hylia may have thought she had all the bases covered, but Breath of the Wild‘s sequel seems to be showing otherwise.

Overall, Cuccolover is positing that the counter-measures to evil that Hylia set could be failing. The Master Sword has been eroded away by Malice, and Zelda said at the end of Breath of the Wild that her powers had begun to wane. This might be happening because Hylia herself is in some kind of trouble, masterminded by Ganondorf to break the seal on his physical body.

A summary of what the video covers does not do it justice at all, watching it is truly something special – Cuccolover recites poetry to present the theory! There is nothing within the YouTube Zelda Theorizing sphere that is even comparable, I praise her for being very unique, and cannot wait for the final part of the overall theory! If you want to keep up with Cuccolover’s upcoming theories, here is her channel to subscribe to!

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Source: Cuccolover

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