CharlesOne of the things I would like to see in future Zelda games is for characters to have voices rather than have the speech bubbles appear. Giving actual voices to the characters makes the gameplay more immersive. One of the big questions that would arise is who would voice Link. According to VGFacts, Charles Martinet, known for voicing Mario, Donkey Kong, Luigi, Toadsworth as well as other characters and games, made a request to provide Link’s voice but he was turned down by Shigeryu Miyamoto.

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Link has been silent all these years (except for the odd ‘huh’, ‘hyaa’ and ‘aaaaah’), but everyone has an idea of what Link would sound like if he was to speak in the games. At this point it would be very difficult to find a voice for him that everyone approved of. VGFacts recently shared this on Twitter:

Inside the link it states:

Charles Martinet requested to provide the voice of Link, but Shigeru Miyamoto later rejected the request, stating that Link will never have a voice.

If anyone provided Link’s voice, Charles would be a great candidate given how many other characters he has voiced, but because Link’s silence is already so iconic is I can’t blame Nintendo for deciding to never give Link a voice. They could still give voices to the other characters but leave Link as the silent protagonist. Players get to experience audio conversations and Link stays silent.

Do you think Link should have a voice? Who would you like to provide the voice? Would everyone having voices improve the game or do you prefer the speech bubbles? Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Twitter

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