Whether you’re at a party or don’t want to use a TV, the Nintendo Switch’s tabletop mode is a saving grace for many scenarios. Unfortunately, battery life is an issue when the Switch isn’t docked, and the need to charge can be bothersome with the charge port located on the system’s underside — unless someone has a PlayStand, of course.

Nintendo Switch PlayStand accessories are great for holding the Switch up for tabletop mode. Not only do they allow for the system to be connected to be charged in tabletop mode, but the adjustable angle of the stand provides quality of life for everyone playing. Additionally, they can be folded up for easy transport, perfect for traveling and partygoing.

With this officially licensed Zelda-themed PlayStand, players can do all of that while showing off a nice piece of Zelda swag in the process. It even matches the officially licensed Breath of the Wild gaming headset; and who doesn’t like a matching look? I think the simple yet stylish design works well, providing a nice and sleek collector’s item with great utility.

This PlayStand is available online at the My Nintendo Store for $12.99 USD, and on Amazon for $13.83 USD.

Do you like this PlayStand? Would you consider adding it to your collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: My Nintendo Store

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